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Expansion Joint Replacement - Cedar Valley Concrete Raising

Expansion Joint Replacement & Concrete Crack Sealing

Wood Expansion Joints, installed at time concrete was originally poured to better control surface cracks, will eventually deteriorate and rot, allowing water to penetrate under the slabs causing settling, sinking and other damage(s) if not repaired.

The professionals at Cedar Valley Concrete Raising is ready to replace your expansion joints and do any raising and leveling that might have occurred.

Detailed Warranty Information

For as long as you own the residential property Cedar Valley Concrete Raising warranties any resettlement beyond 1/4″ as long as the concrete has been in place at least ten years (fully settled soil). Cedar Valley Concrete Raising will re-lift one time during the warranty period any sections that have re-settled more than 1/4″ at no charge. If the concrete resettled immediately (within two weeks of raising) and you inform us in a timely manner, we will relift an additional time at no cost.

On concrete placed on un-compacted fill (less than ten years old) Cedar Valley Concrete Raising will re-lift any sections that have re-settled more than 1/4″ for a two (2) year period at a 60% discount. This covers only material and labor.

If CVCR caulks all control joints for slabs lifted and surrounding slabs, then a 5 year warranty will be applied. If homeowner caulks all areas lifted, then a 2 year warranty will be applied. If the areas that are lifted by CVCR and are not caulked, no warranty will be applied. With a warranty, the same rules apply as stated above. One free re-pump over a 2 or 5 year warranty with a fall of a quarter inch or more.

The warranty does not include patches or sealant applied to, or between slabs. The warranty is void if cracks and joints are not sealed on the slabs or if backfill is not maintained along the slabs involved or if the settling occurs as a result of flooding, earthquake or other acts of God. Water draining off structures such as downspouts near concrete slabs, ponds overflowing and broken sprinklers can result in settling not covered by the limited warranty.

Cedar Valley Concrete Raising carries materials on our trucks to seal cracks and joints for an additional fee. We proudly use Hi-Tech silicone caulking a commercial grade concrete caulk. Caulking adhesion warranty is one year.

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